Farid Khayrulin was born in Baku. He graduated from the Faculty of Energy at the Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum Chemistry. Entering the Faculty of Journalists at the Kazan State University in 1969, he then transferred to the Azerbaijan State University, from which he graduated successfully.

Очередная поездка в Нагорный Карабах. Ханкенди, 1990г. The next trip to Nagorny Karabakh, Khankandi, 1990.

He has been a member of the USSR’s Union of Journalists since 1982 and is member of the Board of the USSR’s Union of Photo Painters. In 1984, he joined the Azerinform news agency, an Azeri branch of TASS, as a photojournalist. Vice President of the Azerbaijan-Tatarstan Association since 1992.

С Президентом Азербайджанской Республики Гейдаром Алиевым на приеме в посольстве США в Азербайджанской Республике. Баку, 1999 г. With Heydar Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan Republic,  in the reception of the USA Embassy in Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, 1999.

It was during that period that he began to work as a special correspondent for the Azerbaijan newspaper, Izvestiya Tatarstana. At the start of 1988, he began covering the war in Nagorno Karabakh and the unauthorized rallies in Baku for Azerinform, although the information blockade then in place meant that his photographs were only published in the foreign media. In 1989, he accompanied the first caravan of humanitarian aid to the city of Shusha and the village of Umudlu, both under occupation by Armenian military forces.

С Президентом Азербайджанской Республики Ильхамом Алиевым на приеме в посольстве Азербайджанской Республики в США. Вашингтон, 2002г. With Ilham Aliyev,  the president of Azerbaijan Republic,   in the reception of Azerbaijan Embassy in USA, Washington, 2002.

He was the first photo journalist to provide foreign news agencies such as AP, France Presse, Gamma, Sipa and Reuters with photo reports documenting the terrorist acts committed by Armenian nationalists in Nagorno Karabakh, including the blowing up of the Aga Korpusu bridge and a passenger bus on the Shusha highway, as well as other tragic events, including those of January 20th 1990.

На зеленой лужайке у Белого Дома. Вашингтон, 2002г. On the green lawn at White House,Washington, 2002.

He was the only journalist to cover Heydar Aliyev's return to Baku at Baku Airport in 1990 and Heydar Aliyev’s arrival in the city from Nakhchyvan in the same year. These reports were ignored by TASS and thus Khayrulin passed them on to the foreign news agencies. From 1966 through to 1992, Khayrulin worked for the Absheron, Molodezh Azerbaijana, Vyshka and Baki-Baku newspapers.

С Мстиславом Ростроповичем на приеме в резиденции посла США в Азербайджанской Республике. Баку, 2003г.With Mstislav Rostropovich in the residence of American Embassador in Azeribaijan Republic, Baku, 2003.

A member of the Union of Journalists of Azerbaijan and of the creative union, ‘Photographers of Azerbaijan’, holder of the G. Zardabi award and the first winner of the Humay award, he has also received the Golden Argus award and awards from numerous national and international exhibitions. Also in 2011 he became a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.
In accordance with the Presidential Order on 21 Jule 2010 about assigning honorary titles upon press workers, Farid Khayrulin was named “Honored Worker of Culture” of Azerbaijan Republic.

На нефтяной платформе BP в Каспийском море. 2006г. On an oil platfrom of BP at the Caspian Sea. 2006.

Today, Farid Khayrulin has a flourishing working relationship with Azerbaijan IRS, Azerbaijan Today, Businessman, Business Consulting, World of Azerbaijan, Caspian, Contact, Time Out, ArchiTech, PRIME Traveller, Gallery, Vash Dom and many other leading magazines.


Over the past few years, he has been actively involved in photography for the world of professional advertising, attending training courses run by Igor Sakharov, one of Europe's leading photographers in the field. In 2004, Farid Khayrulin started up a professional digital studio, FGF, which is now firmly established at the forefront of professional advertising photography in Azerbaijan.


Exhibitions and projects

2011 – personal exhibition “My Azerbaijan”, China
2011 – personal exhibition “My Azerbaijan”, Kuwait
2011 – personal exhibition “My Azerbaijan”, Iran
2010 – personal exhibition “My Azerbaijan”, Cuba
2010 – personal exhibition “My Azerbaijan”, Mexico
2009 – personal exhibition “My Azerbaijan”, Kazan, Tatarstan
2008 – personal exhibition “My Azerbaijan”, Mohammed V National Theater, Rabat, Morocco.
2008 – photo exhibition “The Country Where Cultures Meet”, the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland
2007 – personal exhibition “Baku: From Yesterday Through Today”, the Baku Museum Center.
2007 – photo exhibition “Azerbaijan Today”, Berlin, Germany
2007 – III International Biennale of Contemporary Arts Aluminium 2007, Baku
2006 – photo exhibition “Contemporary Photography of Azerbaijan”. The Contemporary Arts Museum in Moscow, Russia.
2005 – photo exhibition “Traditions and Reality”. Baku
2005 – The International Festival of Contemporary Arts, Baku.
2004 – photo exhibition “Azerbaijan Today”, NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium
2003 – photo exhibition “Water and Life” under the UN aegis, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2003 – personal exhibition “The Moments of the Epoch”, Baku
2002 – the I Baku International Photo Festival AYNA 2002
2002 – photo exhibition “Traditions and Reality”, Baku
2001 – photo exhibition “The Environment”, Baku
1998 – photo exhibition “Free Person”, Baku

Photographic materials by Farid Khayrulin were used in the books:

2011 – “Baku – the pulse of the city”
2011 – “20 sketches of Baku”
2010 – Three-volume by Elchin T. Aliev “Facade sculpture in architecture Baku”
2010 – “Azerbaijan oil”
2010 – “Azerbaijan”
2008 – “Modern Azerbaijani architects”
2006 – “Khojaly Genocide (in documents, facts and foreign press)”
2005 – “Azerbaijan is my generous edge”